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Reputation Management

When seeking new customers, it is increasingly important to ensure that all references to your company and services found online are positive. With the Fundamentals package, our automated system searches all references to your company online and our staff ensures that any negative comments are pushed the bottom of any listing.
This service is performed once a month.

Search Engine Prompting

Too many submissions performed manually by marketing companies can be seen as spam. Our automated system submits once every 3 months, however, it prompts the search engine to revisit your website more frequently and performs automated searches that shows the search engine software to think that your services are in demand.
This service is performed 5-15 times a day.

Information Accuracy Checking

Many marketing companies make mistakes when their staff manually submit information to search engines and referral sites. Our automated system checks this information against contact information you provide. When inaccuracies are detected, a new submission is initiated to overwrite the previous one. When you change your information the next update corrects it.
This service is performed once a month..

Referral Site Submission

Despite what most marketing companies tell you, online marketing is becoming less about just appearing on Google. We recognize that a large percentage of online users get information about your business from referral sites. There are many sites, some of the most familiar are Yelp, Tripadvisor and more. The fundamentals package makes sure your business appears on these sites.
This service is performed once a month.

Backlink Creation & Management

For your business to be featured on Google and other search engines, it is important that you have backlinks. These are links from other sites to yours. Similar to referral sites, this shows the search engines that your business is popular and that other businesses are linking to your site and our Fundamentals package provides and updates these links.
This service is performed once a month.

Twitter/Facebook Posts & Links

Not only are postings on Twitter and Facebook important to reach your customers, but they are also a great source of backlinks and referral site mentions. A significant percentage of your customers are very active on these social media platforms. It's essential that your business appears and is mentioned regularly for direct and "Word of Mouth" marketing.
This service is performed once a week.

Additional Social Network Posts & Links

When we talk about social networks and media, we often think only of Twitter and Facebook but there are many more of equal importance such as Instagram, Google+ and more. As a great source of referrals and links for your business, we mention your business and link back to your website if you have one. Remember, if you do not have a site, we can build one for you.
This service is performed once a week.

Blog Posts Submission

Search engines and referral sites love to see extra information on your business outside your website. Blogs are a useful way to talk about what you offer outside of your website and especially if you don't have a website. Our automated system goes out to all these sites and looks for mentions and links to blogs about your business. We then add, correct and sometimes delete negatives.
This service is performed once a month.

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Dashboard Control

How you control your marketing with the Fundamentals Package.

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How our technology works

Artificial Intelligence Technology

Phiskal is unique in having developed and Artificial Intelligence engine to Monitor, Post and Maintain information about your business online. We have called this technology AMI (Automated Marketing Interface), This technology is efficient, fast, accurate and reliable eliminating the need for us to use huge numbers of low cost workers. This helps us provide the best service to our customers at a fraction of the price most marketing companies provide services.

Unique Technology to the Industry

In the last 5 years, online marketing has become essential for every business. Whether you have a website or simply post your business online, you need to be found online. All marketing companies use human postings to get your information to search engines and to referral sites such as Yelp, Tripadvisor and more. We do things differently. Now you can take advantage of this technology and take advantage of the unique posting that no one else can offer thus enabling your business to be unique on all sorts of online referral sites and search engines.

Human Interactions & Tasks

Our systems use AMI to ensure your postings are the most viewed online, we also have a staff of marketing professionals with many years of experience to oversee AMI's actions. They write blogs and monitor postings so that no mistakes are made. Once we ensure the accuracy of the information that is going to take your business across the searchable internet, AMI takes control and searches listings, compares for accuracy and posts positive reviews to drown out negatives.

Powerful Combinations to Serve You

We have developed AMI with some of the most innovative software developments available. AMI has some of the fastest search tools and most accurate language comparison interfaces developed to date. AMI is fast also checking millions of listing across hundreds of online locations every hour. Efficient natural language tools flag submissions that may contain negative comments about your business while demographic segmentation algorithms identify those looking for the products and services your company offers. AMI is the future of online marketing, tested and ready.

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Fundamentals Online Marketing
For Your Business
$70/month next 250 businesses
$50/month Crowd Promotion
$100/month Regular

The fastest, most efficient and accurate marketing for as little as $50/month.

We have developed the latest technology in online marketing to eliminate mistakes, find where your customers are looking and to post links and positive reviews for your business. Our research has shown that many marketing companies base their whole marketing model on SEO and search engine submissions.

While traditionally this has been the most important aspect of online marketing, things are changing rapidly. Most customers looking for products and services look for reviews and referrals from sites that specialize in gathering users of products and services such as yours. Remember when you were told word of mouth was the best marketing? Well this is the online version and our automated systems are the best way to get the word out.
Discounted pricing available when paid annually.

Your customers look for:

  • Links to your business.
  • Comments and blogs about you.
  • Positive reviews and glowing referrals.
  • Easily discoverable information.

Unique Automated Online Marketing System.

When you hand your company information to a marketing company, they typically pass it on to some low level, low cost staff who manually type that information onto the internet interfaces that use. This information is often typed and re-typed for every site where submission is required. Any mistakes are then sent across the internet and may take months to track down and correct. When we submit information it is registered into our automated system once and then re-checked for accuracy a minimum of three times. The process is then automated eliminating mistakes and the only time it is modified is when you submit changes through your dashboard. Avoid these costly errors.

Have you wondered why it takes so long for your information to get out to all the relevant places across the internet? When marketing companies use manual submissions they are limited by the speed of their workers and the number of staff they employ. AMI submits millions of times an hour to maximize the speed of your submissions. Get seen fast and find your customers when you want them with our Fundamentals package.

By creating an Artificial Intelligence engine to handle many of the mundane marketing tasks, we have developed the most efficient and effective ways to market small businesses and we can pass the cost savings to you.
We've spent the last five years testing our systems and providing our services with great success.
Now we want to expand the number of businesses that benefit from this technology and your business can be one.
When you want changes made or you have a time sensitive offer to find new customers, then a system that takes months to get to the internet is not the best way to go. AMI works in real time. As soon as you submit, your changes are reviewed for accuracy, spelling and grammar. As soon as this process is complete AMI starts to submit to millions of locations online quickly, accurately and with the efficacy you want.

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